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Cabins: Domaine Cabin to Sutton, built on screw piles.

There is nothing better than a cabin built on stilts to have the impression of living in the treetops. Therefore, this is what the founders of Domaine Cabin de Sutton did. They built tree-level cabins on screw piles foundations near the beautiful Sutton Natural Park. Their goal is to offer an exceptional tourist accommodation experience in the Eastern Townships for all lovers of the outdoors.

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FAQ: Why are Postech Screw Piles Better Than Concrete?

Thermal pile  Helical pile have proven to withstand frost when compared to a standard concrete foundation. Where a concrete foundation can crack and shift, Postech are insulated with a thermal protectant. This protect against the rough Canadian winters.   Not only does the screw pile technology far outweigh sonotubes, it also is a great option