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Deck : Give your pool deck a new look!

Our customer from Balmoral, New Brunswick, had a deck installed around his pool. He had started with another company, but they could not finish the job, so they contacted us. When we come in projects that has already began, we make sure that the installation is properly done with Postech standard quality. Also, in cases like these, we prefer to use our own screw piles and assure that the client has the most solid foundation. No matter if the project was started or not.

deck pool

How many screw piles and how long did it take?

This installation needed 22 piles for the entire project. This project was built in summer 2021. The plans called for the deck to be on screw piles wrapped around the pool. Two installers from the Postech Restigouche’s team took half a day and they got the job done!

The challenges of the project

Our experts had to keep in mind that the ground was very rocky, and it was around a pool, so it was very tricky to work within those parameters. Usually, if and when a sinkhole form around or under your pool, they can cause the soil and the ground surface above to shift. Consequently, it can leave your pool and deck without adequate support, leading to cracking, movement or other severe problems. That is why installing screw piles as your foundation is minimizing the effect weather or water can have on the surrounding ground reducing the risk associated to soil problems.

The Postech advantages 

What you need to know is that Postech Screw Piles require smaller installation equipment and are generally much friendly to the environment than other traditional foundation methods.

Therefore, installing screw piles or sometimes referred to as helical piles can cause little if any site disruption, can be installed in minutes and provides a warrantied foundation are some of the advantages of screw piles specifically in terms of environmental factors. With that being said, having rocky grounds or a muddy field around the pool, does not affect our installation nor your project.

Whatever project you have in mind, we at Postech we will be able to start if off on a solid foundations. Get started now and find your installer!