What happens when you hit a rock?

In order to answer this question, we meet Rob Jackson, a certified PRO from Postech Muskoka who explained to us how installers bypass rocks when they are installing. As explained in the video, in most cases, the certified expert will slide along to top of the rocks with the tip of the pile to move, shift and direct it into the ground therefore allowing the pile to be installed in the right place.

If the rocks are too big, we may choose to install the piles in a different location provided the construction allows for it. If the position cannot be changed, excavation may be necessary. The mini excavator used by your Postech experts is well suited to deal with this type of situation. He will be able to install the screw pile while minimizing any inconvenience that may occur.

In rare situations, we have no choice but to excavate to properly position the pile.

Excavation done with Postech Installation equipment.
Excavation done with Postech Installation equipment.

Don’t despair as our installers have more than one trick up their sleeves. You’ve selected the right professionals to carry out your project’s foundation. If you have problems, they have solutions to allow you to have stability, reliability, and peace of mind throughout the installation of your piles.

If you also have questions about the pile installation, you can write to us and we will answer your questions in one of our upcoming Vlog. For now, you can also visit our  FAQ section of our website to see the answers to the most frequently asked questions!