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Postech Screw Piles Installation

Installing Postech Screw Piles requires virtually no prep work and leaves no mess or damage to your landscaping.
Installing Postech Screw Piles requires virtually no prep work and leaves no mess or damage to your landscaping.

Get your Postech foundation installed in 3 easy steps


They’ll help you choose the right piles for your project, prepare a quote, and schedule an installation time that’s convenient for you.


We will schedule an appointment with you and show up on time. We will perform the work as promised. We will install the Postech Screw Piles required to support your project.


Start your construction. Doing business with Postech means starting stronger and lasting longer!

Customer Service

Friendly and professional experts

At Postech, we offer you more than screw piles. We deliver customer service that meets the standards of excellence you deserve. Everything is done in your best interest: from the manufacturing of our screw piles to their quick installation at your location. You are the reason why we do everything we do, why we are committed to customer service.

Customer feedback

Making our customers happy since 1995

In the fall of 2010, I built a deck and installed a sunroom for a client in Bracebridge, all supported by Postech screw piles. Everything went well and the following year the owners decided to expand and incorporate a hot tub. There were only three footings needed and so I dug them by hand all according to code and poured Sonotubes rather than bothering Rob at Postech Muskoka for only 3 piles. The next spring all three sonotubes had heaved while the piles remained in exactly the same position as the day they were installed. I will never pour another tube.
DEREK POLLOCK, Owner, Elemental Construction
These posts are great. So much more convenient than concrete (less material to cart away).
John Boufford, Customer
All around great experience! Between the Communication, professionalism and finished product from this company, I will always highly recommend them.
Taylor Maddison, Customer
Terry and his crew went above and beyond for our backyard project. They had equipment for every job we needed, left the job site clean and tidy after each work day. They worked fast and efficiently but did solid work. Everything turned out even better than we envisioned. So happy with their services and would use them again!
Randene Rishaug, Customer

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Our certified experts are your neighbors

Every Postech installation is quick and easy, and there’s a certified expert installer near you who will guarantee that your project starts on the right footing.

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