Can Screw piles be installed under an existing structure?

Balcony, deck or other projects requiring an installation on the structure’s edge

All screw piles installed under an existing structure requiring the screw piles to be on the edge of the structure (similar to our video), your Postech installer will insert the screw pile at an angle in order to place itself in the right position and will slowly straighten the pile out.  Afterwards, he will simply apply pressure on the pile, without bending, so it is perfectly straight and leveled.  It’s that simple!

Patio or deck requiring central structural support

In the event where a pile must be installed in the middle of an existing structure, the certified Postech installer will ask the customer to remove a few deck floorboards in order to insert the screw pile through the structure.  A simple step allowing a precise installation.  This enables to reinforce the structure, stabilize or simply modify your foundation type.

Is my structure too low for the installation of screw piles?

We recommend a minimum spacing of 12 to 18 inches to install a pile under an existing structure.  To ensure your project’s feasibility, we recommend you contact your local certified Postech installer.  He will take the time to analyze your project, take into consideration your soil type and needs, and let you know if it is possible or not.

Is it possible to install screw piles under my shed or house?

Absolutely!  We use several techniques to install the piles under a shed or even an existing house.  Once again, you must trust your installer.  He will analyze your project and help you transform your dreams into reality.

Installing screw piles under an existing house

Installing screw piles under an existing house (2)

If you’re still wondering : Can screw piles be installed under an existing structure?  The answer is simple! YES and don’t hesitate to present your project to your local dealer!  Have more questions about screw piles? Explore our FAQ page for more information.