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With Postech Screw Piles, you get more than just helical piles. You get a turnkey services for hassle-free foundation made to last.

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Postech Screw Piles™

The most trusted helical piles
since 1995

Postech Screw Piles are engineered, manufactured, and installed to the highest industry standards. Our expert pile installers across Canada offer an easy one-call turnkey service for homeowners, contractors, engineers, and architects.

Postech’s turnkey foundation service


Postech dealers are foundation experts. Whether it’s your first foundation project or your 10,000th, they can answer all your questions and advise you on your project. They’ll also prepare a quote free of charge.


Your Postech dealer will have based his quote on the right helical piles and accessories to ensure a lifelong stable foundation. This will depend on the load and forces the piles will be subjected to the type of soil, the construction codes, and other key factors.


Your Postech dealer will then schedule and install your screw piles; all you have to do is mark the location where the structure is to be located. Installation can be done year-round and you don’t even need to be on-site at the time. They’ll install the piles quickly and cleanly, leaving the worksite virtually untouched.

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What to look for in a screw pile

Not all screw (or helical) piles are equal. Postech screw piles are famous for their lifelong durability and warranty. 

Getting your Postech Screw Piles installed

All Postech Screw Piles are sold and installed by our network of Postech dealers, with deep expertise in foundations and screw pile installation. Local experts who are friendly, professional, and responsive!

Are screw piles right for your project?

Postech Thermal Screw Piles® offer many advantages over concrete. For decades they have been the preferred foundation solution for many residential and light commercial construction projects across North America.

Postech Screw Piles installers

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Every Postech installation is quick and easy, and there’s a certified expert installer near you who will guarantee that your project starts on the right footing.

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