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Architecture: Pool houses to make you dream

Are you wondering if you should finally upgrade your pool with a pool house? Have you ever thought about it? If so, you came to the right place for fascinating ideas and inspiration! Most people think is too expensive or a hassle to do it. In fact, pool houses can come in different shapes, structures and styles that can perfectly fit in your budget.

Pool house

Where to start

Just like in any construction the foundation is where you should start. Build from the ground, up! Usually with a project like that you might think that having a concrete foundation is the best bank for your buck. But did you know that using screw piles instead of a traditional foundation for your pool house can significantly reduce its construction costs. On the plus side, is a better long-term investment for your house and your wallet, because is more durable, better quality and less maintenance.

What is a pool house used for?

A pool house can have different purposes. It can be a storage place, a guest house, a pergola, or a changing room, so here’s some inspiration to help you with your decision.

Also having a pool house is a great addition to your home for summer. It allows you to have more space for equipment if you use it as a storage. It can also serve as a place to hold cookouts and parties. Therefore, you don’t want to spend the entire summer building it; instead, you want to relax and enjoy the fresh air of summer while grilling.

Wait no more!

Get started on your project now don’t wait for the next season’s heat waves. With Postech Screw Piles, in just one afternoon, our certified installers can install a screw pile foundation for your outdoor pool house. So you, your friends, and family can spend more time at the pool.