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Deck : Beautiful deck to enjoy outdoor life

To add living space and make a cabin more convivial, nothing could be simpler than to build a beautiful wooden wrap-around deck. Imagine it with beautiful deck furniture, plants, maybe a hammock and a BBQ! Happiness abounds!

Deck autour chalet

This is what the eco-friendly owner of these 3 family cabins was looking for his deck : a durable, ecological and robust product, all for the peace of mind of their children and grandchildren. 

How many piles and how long? 

Following his free estimate, this client decided to trust the team of experts at Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield for the installation of screw piles to support the future deck of the 3 cabins in the region of Valleyfield. 

In order to carry out this project, it was necessary to install 10 piles per cabin, i.e. 30 piles screwed into the ground, 2 3/8 in. in diameter with adjustable flat heads of 3 ½ in. 

This project took only one day for 2 expert installers from Guy Trahan’s team at Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield.

The speed of execution allowed the client to start building these deck the next day, just in time to take advantage of the beautiful season. 

The challenges of this deck project

Indeed, during the installation of screw piles, some in-ground surprises often force the teams to work harder and persevere. 

During this project, carried out in early spring, the challenge was to work with waterlogged and therefore soft soil. In addition, backfill rocks under the ground made it more difficult to install and align the piles. 

It is with great professionalism that the experts from the Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield team, equipped with their mini excavators, managed to move the rocks and align the piles correctly. Thus, guaranteeing a construction built on solid ground for a long time. 

Deck autour d'un chalet par Vistech Suroit
Deck by Vistech Suroit

The Vistech advantages for this deck

Vistech screw piles met each of the important points for the client: 

Durable: the hot-dip galvanizing carried out on the piles respects the environment and allows them to last over the years without rusting. 

Ecological: Screw piles have a low impact on the ecosystems in which they are installed and can be reused if the client’s project changes over time. 

Robust: with thermal pile technology, Vistech piles resist movement due to freezing and thawing, thus preventing the premature deterioration of your structure. It is a stable foundation that will never move again. 

In addition, the professional service of the Vistech Suroît / Valleyfield team enabled the delivery of a clean, aligned site, ready to support the client’s beautiful projects. 

And you, when do you plan to build your deck to enjoy the summer?