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Organize Your Shed on Postech Screw Piles: Maximizing Space

Enjoying many seasons also means having to adapt when they change. The outdoor living space that you create in your backyard in warmer periods must, inevitably, adjust to the cold weather.

But storing outdoor furniture, maintenance tools, and even recreational gear can sometimes seem complex, near impossible. Not only do we not want to risk damaging our belongings, but we also want to make sure that we have access to all of our items if needed. To help you get through this process without tearing your hair too much, here are some organizing ideas for your shed!

Maximize your space

The doors of the shed

The doors of your shed are an ideal additional storage space for objects that need to be accessed more frequently. You can use this space to store your gardening tools during the summer or items such as electric extensions, which will be useful to you all year round. Pegboards are a perfect solution if you want to be able to adapt your storage space to your needs. You can also use baskets to allow the storage of small items or objects that can hardly fit on a shelf.

Integrated shelves

Sheds often have very little finishing touches. As a result, the structure can sometimes be apparent. Take advantage of this feature to organize your shed by installing shelves between the beams. You will benefit from additional storage space since you will be able to maximize the space in height. This solution also allows you to customize your shelves according to your needs. And if your needs change, you can easily remove the shelves and reinstall them elsewhere. If your garden shed does not allow you to use the beams to install shelves, why not create your own custom shelf?

Hooks and other supports

Vertical support to organize your shed

The most difficult items to store are often the most frequently used items. Think of rakes, shovels and other items that don’t take up much space, but always tend to fall to the ground and get lost among all the other objects. Keep them easily accessible by hanging them on the walls. Many systems exist, but nothing is simpler than a few hooks to allow you to store them horizontally! The ideal shed is to be able to store your belongings while being able to move around easily. By favouring wall storage, you will be able to easily find the items you need!

Pro tips!

To be able to enjoy your shed for a long time, make sure that your foundations can support the required weight to store your equipment. Postech piles are an ideal solution for this type of installation since they can withstand large loads. Also, since they are anchored below the frost level, screw piles are not affected by the freeze-thaw movement. The foundations of your shed will therefore remain solid for a very long time!

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