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Screw piles : Best solution for your cabin foundation

Cabins, whether built as a weekend getaway or as a hunting retreat, are usually built on some sort of piling. This helps keep the cost of the cabin down, as the site preparation and foundation work are minimized. Having to install a regular foundation, with a footing, can add up to 10% to the overall cost of a cabin or cottage. Since most people who build a cabin are doing so for part-time use, reducing costs is an important consideration.

Of all the piling methods used, screw piles are the fastest and easiest to install. The design of the Postech screw piles makes it possible for Postech experts to install them, using one piece of equipment without causing much damage to your property. That’s a considerable labor savings over having to bring in a crew to grade, excavate and pour a concrete foundation with footing.

Cabin in the forest on Postech Screw Piles Upton
Photo : Postech Roadtrip

If the cabin is to be built in the mountains or on other irregular terrain, screw pilings are an excellent choice. The pilings can be cut to different heights, so that the tops of them are even. As long as the screw piles blade portion is installed below the frostline in good bearing soil, the piling will hold. If necessary, extensions can be attached to the screw piling, allowing some piles to be well above ground level or down deep to good bearing soil. For finer adjustment of the top height, an adjustable screw top can be installed, providing the capability of exact height adjustment.

In addition to the ease of installation, using Postech piles won’t disrupts the picturesque location of your cabin or cottage unlike other types of pilings or concrete. Bringing heavy equipment onto a construction site and excavating for foundations disrupts a large area. After backfilling, it can take years for the plant growth to return to the pre-construction state.

Postech screw pile under cottage
Photo : Postech Roadtrip

Other types of pilings are no better. Both concrete pilings and driven steel pilings require heavy equipment for installation, whereas Postech screw piles can be installed by our expert with our special attachment. This saves on damage to your property, especially in cases where pristine environments need to be preserved as much as possible.

With Postech screw piles for your cabin foundation, you can be assured of rapid installation, allowing you to get on with the rest of the construction sooner. Not only will you save money over other foundation options, but you’ll save time as well, meaning that you can start enjoying your cabin all that much sooner.

Wooden cabin in front of a lake on Postech Screw piles