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Aquaponic Greenhouses: The Ideal Solution for Your Horticultural Dreams

Explore how screw piles provide a stable and enduring foundation for aquaponic greenhouses, ensuring year-round productivity and ease of maintenance.

Discover the Unique Benefits of Aquaponic Systems

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Shoji Garden’s aquaponic greenhouse.

What differentiates aquaponics greenhouses, like the one in Shoji Garden, from other all-season greenhouses in Quebec?t uniquely integrates aquaponics—a sustainable method combining plant cultivation and fish farming—making it a standout in Quebec’s diverse agricultural scene. In this system, fish waste offers a rich cocktail of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which is transformed into vital nutrients for plant growth. Aerobic bacteria play a crucial role by filtering these droppings, making them safe for plant consumption, while the plants complete the cycle by purifying the water through their roots.

An Ancestral Technique with Modern Applications

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Aquaponics is an ancient practice, reminiscent of the Asian rice fields and the pre-Columbian floating gardens. Today, it’s gaining popularity across North America and Australia, proving especially beneficial during the harsh Quebec winters. With an aquaponic system in place, you can maintain a thriving environment for both ornamental and edible fish species, like trout, all year round.

Perfect for Quebec winter!

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An aquaponics system allows you to use your greenhouse all year-round. It will allow you to keep both your plants and fish warm. You can accommodate your ornamental fish by bringing them directly from your water garden. If you prefer, you can also choose an edible fish, such as trout.

Maintenance-Free Greenhouse Gardening

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Aquaponics greenhouses are easy to maintain. Did you know that since their water is recycled and the fish provide natural fertilizer through their droppings, no watering, fertilizer or weeding is necessary? With an automatic fish feeder, your greenhouse is self-sufficient for several months at a time.

Learn more about the benefits of aquaponics on Aquaponics Association.

Stabilizing Your Greenhouse with Helical Screw Piles

For those considering a new greenhouse, Postech Screw Piles are a quick and effective foundation solution. Suitable for all-season structures, these screw piles are installed below the frost line to prevent shifting during freeze-thaw cycles. Our thermal screw piles undergo a hot-dip galvanizing process to resist corrosion, ensuring your greenhouse stands firm and worry-free.

Why Choose Screw Piles for Your Structure?

Screw piles are perfect for supporting additional structures like decks, sheds, and even fences. Whether you’re adding to an existing greenhouse or building a new one, our certified installers can implement a tailored pile foundation that avoids any property damage since no excavation is needed.

Take the Next Step: Secure Your Greenhouse Foundation

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our team. We’ll guide you to the best screw pile options for your needs, ensuring a fast, non-intrusive installation that solidifies your investment in sustainable gardening.

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