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Solar Panels : Great idea to build on screw piles

With the increased interest in alternative “green” energy sources, the solar energy business is booming. Manufacturers of solar power systems are receiving more orders than ever. The interest in solar energy provides an excellent opportunity for Postech Screw Piles to show their knowledge.

More economically friendly

Since the whole idea of using solar energy is to reduce the impact on the environment, it only makes sense that the installation of the solar panels is done as environmentally friendly as possible. Unfortunately, concrete piles are anything but friendly.
Postech Screw Piles are much more economically friendly than concrete. Not only do they create less environmental damage to install, but they are easily removable and reusable, should the solar panel array be moved. Removing concrete is an expensive and messy operation.
Since Postech Screw Piles are installed below the frost line, they create a stable solar base, which will not be affected by the weather.
Installed by trained Postech contractors, the screw piles are tested as they are installed, ensuring that they are deep enough and firmly anchored enough to withstand any force acting upon it. The screw action of installation means that the earth itself is holding the pile into the ground, not just the weight of the pile as with concrete. This provides security for the panels in high wind situations.

Lifespan of your installation

Postech Screw Piles are galvanized, providing a non-toxic finish that will not rust or corrode, preventing environmental damage from metal leaching out of the screw pile. Even after years of exposure to ground moisture and the effect of chemicals in the soil, Postech Screw Piles will resist corrosion, maintaining its structural strength and preventing damage to the environment.

Solar panel installations which use screw piles as the solar base is a logical choice, saving time, cost, and Mother Nature. Installed by trained professionals, this foundation choice provides an excellent support for solar panels that fits well with the entire green energy movement by being environmentally friendly.