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She Shed on Screw Piles: Join The Movement

After the “Man Cave”, now comes the “She Shed”! Women are taking back control of their backyards, and we love it!

By Whatdreamsmaybecome | Instagram

This new movement consists of building, in your backyard, a stylish shed that can be used as an additional room in your home. Make it a reading room, office, a workshop for artists, and more. The goal of this movement is to redefine the shed to make it a place of your own.

An office in your shed

Working from home is certainly growing in popularity! So you may have thought about setting up an office at home. However, many people have difficulty making the cut between work and daily life.

A “She Shed” is then an excellent idea to create this mental division. It will allow you to find yourself in a space where you can fully concentrate. Just add a power outlet for convenience and a coffee machine for moral support, and you will surely become the person most envied by your coworkers!

A relaxation area

Escape in your yard by transforming your shed into a relaxation area. Sofa, cushions, mood lights … Everything to allow you to take a break from everyday life and indulge in what really makes you happy! For a unique look, visit your antique dealers and find real treasures for your decor.

A workshop in your shed

Make your “She Shed” a creative space that can serve as a painting, DIY, sewing workshop … In short, there are no limits! Not only will you be able to create in an environment that suits you, but you will also be able to store your equipment, which certainly overflows from your cupboards. Don’t forget to add multiple windows to create a bright and inspiring space!

What are you waiting for to join the movement? Our screw piles will give you a solid and durable structure for your new shed, enough to allow you to enjoy your “She Shed” for a long time!

Be proud of your “She Shed” and don’t forget to share your achievement with us by adding #postechscrewpiles to your post!

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