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Residential Fences: Postech Piles Screwed to Prevent Sagging

Setting up a fence around his yard is a quick way to build privacy in your backyard. This seemingly simple project, however, must be well planned to ensure the longevity of the installation.

Fences and Sagging

One of the recurring problems with installing a fence is sagging. Indeed, since they often cover a large area in length, the fence panels are more subject to the effects of freeze-thaw. These movements can not only cause the fence to sag to the side, but they can also weaken the structure. As a result, you will probably have to pay additional costs in order to repair your fence after a few years.

Fences on screw piles

Thermal Piles, A Guarantee of Solidity

Thermal piles

To prevent the effect of freeze-thaw on your fence, and thus prevent additional costs that could result, choose Vistech piles when installing your fence.

The advantage of Postech thermal piles is that they are screwed under the frost zone, which prevents movements that can damage the structure of your installation. Its integrated insulation system adds additional protection against ice or frost at the base of the pile, making it resistant to the cold of Canadian winters. The piles then remain in place through the seasons. In addition, their helical heads offer great resistance to tearing from anchoring the piles in the ground. The hot-dip galvanizing process of Postech piles provides lasting protection against corrosion, thus offering them great durability and longevity. To learn more about our thermal piles, visit our website.

In short, installed on Postech piles, your fence will remain straight and solid over the years.

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