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David Lalanne,  Owner
Plattsburgh, État de New York, États-Unis

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    Solid foundation for


    It is with professionalism and know-how that our team proceeds with the installation of a solid foundation on screw piles throughout the region of Plattsburgh. Here are some of our achievements!

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    Postech screw piles Plattsburgh

    The excellent installation and friendly service given by Postech Plattsburgh has been around for many years.

    David Lalanne has a tremendous interest in screw piles, and this expertly showcases that. His consumers get fantastic customer service, as well as one of the greatest guarantees available and great value for their high-quality products. Because he always tries to improve his method, David is continuously coming up with new ideas to meet his clients’ needs.

    Postech Plattsburgh does well regardless of the degree of difficulty. It’s worth noting that several remarkable projects, some of which were constructed using screw piles in the greater Plattsburgh area, have been placed by David and his team at Postech.

    Plattsburgh contractors know that the Postech screw piles are the greatest at launching new projects on a strong foundation.

    Postech Screw Piles: Start off on a solid foundation!