Why Bracing Structures with Screw Piles

What are braces for? 

If your building is more than one foot above grade, your local Postech dealer will likely recommend adding bracing to your structure. Especially if it’s a residence or temporary dwelling. 

Bracing is recommended to minimize vibrations, ensuring little to no movement of your building when inside. The last thing your Postech installer wants you to experience is any motion when moving about inside.  

Another reason why bracing is so important for structures that are higher than one foot above grade, is to improve lateral stability.  

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The screw piles for your structure

Each of our standard Postech piles are seven feet in length and have varying diameters depending on your project.  

A standard diameter of pile for projects such as a bunkie or cottage is a minimum of 3 inches. Since the shaft of the pile is relatively thin, lateral stability is important to gain from outside sources, such as bracing. 

To ensure confidence in your foundation, your local Postech installer will recommend securing your pilings directly to your joists, or to the adjoining screw pile.  

Several options to stabilize your foundations 

Bracing can come in different shapes, sizes, and applications. The types of common bracing practices are taking steel angle, available in various sizes, and fastening them to the collar system.  

Another option your local installer may explore is welding the angle iron in place if you require a permanent solution.

Alternatively, aircraft cable may be used to brace if the engineering team sees fit.  

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Experts present at every step 

While there are many options to assist your foundation is becoming even more secure. Such as through bracing, your local foundation expert will be able to guide you to the best option for your project.  

Since bracing is to be completed once your building is erected. The decision can be made after installation by your local Postech team. As we are here to help every step of the way. 

To find out if you will need braces for your project, contact your local Postech installer