The Postech Screw Piles warranty

Postech Screw Piles offers a lifetime warranty on its manufactured products.  A particularly interesting insurance on your investment.  It covers all fabrication defaults for a 25 year period.  Furthermore, our Postech certified installer offers an installation warranty against all movements due to frost.

Activate your warranty!

You can activate it online in 3 simple steps on our website :

1. Take at least one picture of your project on Postech Screw Piles.

2. Fill out the short form and attach your picture(s) of your project.

3. Enjoy it!  Soon after sending your form, you will receive an email confirming that it was activated.

Note that the Postech warranty is a limited warranty and is unfortunately non transferable from one client to another.

Postech Screw Piles lifespan

Our screw piles our extremely durable.  Our warranty covers the first 25 years of your pile, however we know that they will last minimally 75 years thanks to the hot-dip galvanizing process.  Check out our technical tables to understand how the hot-dip galvanizing process of your screw piles is of the upmost importance.

You can find other usual information on our website explaining the minimal, likely and average lifespan of your screw piles depending on your soil type.