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Demystifying your housing foundations

Do you foresee yourself purchasing your first home?  Are you dreaming of building your peace palace? No matter your situation, every housing project must start with a solid foundation.

What is the importance of the foundation of a house? 

The foundation has a large impact on many aspects of your home.  The foundation supports the structure.  If your foundation is not done properly you may encounter many problems with nails and screws coming out of joints and water leaking through.  As well, in Canada the extreme fluctuation in temperature is often a source of the problem which could go as far as making your home unlivable.  The attention to detail on your foundation is a necessity. 

Real estate agent with client or architect team discussing a housing model and its blueprints digitally using a tablet computer

Different types of foundations 

Regular foundations 

Foundations which are considered “Regular” are the most common in the construction industry.  Made of cement, they are generally poured at a height of at least 8’6”, offering the basement to be finished as a livable area.  They also equally allow a good insulation by creating a space between the ground and the first level of the house. 


Although Crawlspaces had lost their popularity, they seem to be making somewhat of a return in popularity.  Crawlspaces consist of leaving a space of approximately 5 feet in height between the ground and the structure.  This option allows for a good insulation.  However, if you opt for this type of foundation it is a necessity to have a professional involved due to the factor of humidity.  However, if you opt for this  

Slabs on the ground 

Slabs on the ground often seem like the simplest option for the foundation.  However, the complexity of the cement slabs cannot be ignored.  This type of foundation still needs excavation and multiple levels of compacted sand and a level of insulation.  It also requires reinforcement all around the slab.  In Quebec or other areas with fluctuating temperatures from frozen to unfreeze these slabs are not suggested. 


Screw piles are a type of foundation that is growing in popularity.  Particularly for areas of unstable soil, this type of structure allows to anchor and solidify below the point of frost.  Therefore, when choosing screw piles, you are assured that the structure will not be affected no matter the temperature, the screw pole will be installed without the need of any excavation.  Another advantage to screw poles is with the costs involved with their installation.  This type of installation allows for them to install the poles in places where accessibility is a major challenge.  

Call our Professionals 

Now that you know the vast importance on the foundations as well as the choices that are available to you for your projects.  Therefore, we suggest choosing the right professionals to make the right choices for your specific project.  To receive more information with your specific orders please do not hesitate to contact your installer by clicking below. 

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