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#BeccaToldMeTo: Laying the Foundation of a Good Deed

On May 31st, several Postech Maritime as well as a Postech Maine dealers came together, led by Daniel Smith, to install screw piles for the future “Rebecca Schofield All World Super Play Park” in Riverview near Moncton.

Rebecca unfortunately passed away a little more than a year ago from brain cancer, but she found comfort in the outreach of kindness generated from the hashtag “#Beccatoldmeto”.

“She made me realize that every little gesture counts,” Kevin Musgrove of Postech Moncton explained. “And that if everyone came together, we could build a better community.” It was he who convinced his colleagues to embark on this adventure of creating a park in a neighbourhood that he knew well, as he takes his daughter to daycare just a few streets from the future park.

Daniel Smith, the “master dealer” of the region, coordinated everything: 158 screw piles, 6 machines, 8 dealers from 8 different territories, and innumerable calls to finally get everyone together to install the screw piles in just one day! “Up until the final hour before confirming our presence, I didn’t know if we would be able to do it. But I spoke to our head office, and they were all in. The region’s dealers allowed for a bend in the budget, and we got the green light! I am so proud of them! Very proud of our team!” Dan cheered.

Anne Schofield, Rebecca’s mother, was there to speak to everyone before the groundbreaking. “Becca has been recognized at a provincial, federal, and national level, but this park feels like a concrete action. This was a place that she loved playing when she was little, and in which I may still return to,” she confided to us in an emotional speech. “For me, seeing all these people participating in this movement that she started is an invaluable support to me, and such a huge comfort.” Anne looks toward the future, and can’t wait to hear the laughter of children who come to play here.

But beyond the gesture, Dan is also happy to have been able to bring a technical solution that gives the park a longer-lasting durability. “Screw piles are a great solution for the installations that we’ll make here,” he told me. “We can adapt the heads according to our needs, and the lifespan of these screw piles are excellent. Plus, if we ever need to redo the park one day, they can be removed without leaving a trace.”

This park will effectively replace another, much older one, and will constitute a real revolution in terms of inclusivity, co-existence, and learning for children. Jonathan Godbout, the principal of Franklin L. Bowser School where the park is situated, also notes that “studies have been done on the development of cognitive faculties in children when they play, as well as through side-by-side education. Children of all abilities will be able to play together here, even those who use wheelchairs.”

We left with our #Beccatoldmeto bracelets, given to us by Anne, and I think we all found ourselves experiencing a sentiment of gratitude. Our road trip allowed us to be here and share this day dedicated to generosity with everyone there, in a very caring atmosphere. I believe that Rebecca succeeded in her mission. Her wish to see the world smile was realized, and despite her young age, she passed on a heritage full of wisdom, and we are infinitely grateful for it…