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Potted vegetable garden : Beautiful, practical and simple

Do you have a very small green space behind your house? Do you live in an apartment? Have you purchased a condo and don’t any accessible greenspace? If the idea of having some herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables growing in the summer months is of interest then vegetable gardening in pots is perfect for you.

You may want to brighten the look of your patio with exotic plants.  However, maybe you want to start a garden in your pots? Many people cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables in a limited space on a deck.  A couple pots, a few plastic bins, a little bit of earth and you are ready to grow.  This will allow you to grow fresh natural produce enjoy your meals and add some natural beauty to your deck.

What do we do this in?

You can cover your railing of your deck, by creating an intimate wall of suspended ornamented pots or plasticized pots, there is no right or wrong way to go about it.  Products like Smart pots are very useful when planting on your deck.  Certain fruits and vegetables will need more space for their roots too grow, therefore choosing bigger pots is better.  You cannot plant everything in pots however lots can be planted in them and taken advantage of. 

From | Smart pots
From | Smart pots

What can we grow?

Lettuce, chard leaf, cabbage, spinach, beans, tomatoes, strawberries, currant and other will all be perfect to grow in a pot.  All the herbs like basil, rosemary, parsley, oregano, mint, thyme, and many others will be perfect to grow in your pots on the deck.  You can also grow some of these together like, tomatoes and basil that are a perfect fit.

Do not forget that by growing vegetables on your deck you will be adding too the weight being supported by the structure.  You will want to make sure that you will have the needed support.  Screw piles are a great way too solidify your support.  Easily and quickly installed, with no mess to be made.  It will allow you to take full advantage of your new garden paradise.