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This helical pile is our most popular standard Postech Screw Piles, it is used for light and medium load projects like patios, decks, and sheds. However, we recommend that you should refer to your local expert who will be able to assess all conditions and issue a proper recommendation.

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Postech Screw Piles – P238

Postech products are approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC 13102-R). They were tested on-site by an engineering firm recognized by the CCMC.

The technical evaluation indicates that Postech products respect the requirements of the CCMC guidelines for augered steel piles. Their performance is equivalent or superior to prescribed NBC 2010 standards.

Postech products are designed to bear compressive, tension and lateral loads through the blade at the bottom of the shaft. The design of the shaft and the size of the blade depend on the load and on the bearing capacity of the soil.

The monitoring of the applied torque on-site allows for the confirmation of the allowable bearing capacity (SLS) of the soil.

Postech products are insulated by a process of injecting polyurethane foam in the piles shaft. The revolutionary insulation system ensures that the inside of the pile is maintained at a temperature that will prevent ice or frost build-up at the base of the pile; providing optimal protection against ground motion using our planet’s heat.

Postech P238 Screw Pile


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