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Inspirations for your DIY patio on Postech Screw Piles

From small to large spaces, here are a few ideas that will inspire you in creating a welcoming and charming patio.

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Intimacy walls for privacy 

Wood slats are ideal for making your patio more private. They can be used to create an intimate and cozy space in your backyard. You can paint them in your favorite color or varnish them to keep the natural look of the wood. Wood slats are available in different sizes and in a variety of wood essences. 

You can also add accessories on your privacy walls, such as a miror, lights or even flower boxes for your plants.  Use your imagination and have fun creating a space just for you. 

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An intimate loveseat 

The wood slats can also be used to create a small nook for relaxing.  Create a loveseat that will allow you to curl up outside with a bestseller or wrap yourself in a blanket for an afternoon nap.  

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The pergola 

You can add a little personal touch to your slice of heaven by adding lights, blankets, as well as a storage box for your cushions. This can be an ideal place to hang a hammock! Several models of retractable canvases are also available for your pergola. They provide shade on hot summer days. 

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Adding a pergola to an existant patio 

You’re looking to add a pergola to your existing terrace ?  You can also attach a privacy wall directly to your pergola to create an outdoor living space. You should verify with a specialty company, such as Postech Screw Piles, before commencing such a project. The bearing capacity of your foundation may not be sufficient for this addition. Our experts can advise you in order to solidify your investment.  

Outdoor dining area with overhead arbour, greenery and lights

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