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Create your home gym!

Has the current situation made you want to start exercising more? If so, you may have considered installing a gym in your home. To guide you in your project, we have drawn up a list of objects that can really transform one of your rooms into a gym!

Modular floor tile

Modular floor tiles are an essential element for your home gym. They will protect your floor from the impact of weights and will provide you with comfort throughout your workout. In addition, their modular aspect will allow you to remove them if necessary and install them somewhere else.

Home Gym by Lauren J. Parry
Gym by Lauren J. Parry

Wall storage

Pegboards are a practical and easy solution to add height storage space. Their versatility will allow you to reuse them in another room if necessary. We find them ideal for yoga mats and jump ropes. The pegboards will also create a division in space, enough to create a specific environment for your gym.

SKÅDIS Pegboard by Ikea


Gym equipment is certainly the biggest expense when creating a home gym. Dumbbells offer a wide variety of exercises which makes them very versatile. You can buy dumbbells individually according to your needs, but there are also solutions that will allow you to have a wide variety of weights without taking up too much space.

Exercise balls

Exercise balls are a great way to build strength in your stabilizing muscles. In addition, they can be used in your daily life to improve your posture. Watch here an exercise program that can be performed with this equipment.


Resistance bands

Resistance bands, also called training bands, take up little space and can actually add a higher level of difficulty during your workouts. Offering a different level of resistance, rubber bands can be used for several types of exercises.

Command brand

You are now ready to set up your own home gym! However, you may be confronted with a lack of space. Perhaps you will consider building a home addition? In this case, did you know that a screw pile foundation is a solid and lasting solution for this type of project? Learn more about the benefits of Postech screw piles for a home extension!

If a home addition is not an option for you, don’t worry! Enjoy the summer and exercise on your deck!