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Beware of unwanted guests under your installations

It is not uncommon to have visitors under our installations. It can be very difficult to manage : how to get rid of them in an ethical and efficient manner? How to prevent them from revisiting? An expert from Bédard Gestion Parasitaire et Déprédation inc. was able to answer these questions and advise you in this delicate process.

How to know if animals have found shelter under your installations?

You can see a raccoon.

If your installations are close to the ground, you can easily see if animals have infiltrated your shed/patio, they would have wreaked havoc in the soil to access their point of entry. They will have trampled the grass, displaced the mulch, or simply poked holes in the ground. A tip to know if the hole is active, just fill it with soil to block the point of entry. If an animal does live in that hole, it will dig a new hole in order to enter or exit its hideout, allowing you to notice its presence.

If your installations are on high ground, the little critters will be able to wander around without leaving any visible trace of their presence, which complicates the situation. However, you can lay plastic sheeting or wooden planks around your structure for a few days. If an animal has defined it’s territoty, it will tear the plastic or knock the planks down in order to get around. Installing motion surveillance cameras is also a good way to see what’s going on around your premises.

You can see two groundhogs near a shed.

How to get rid of these pesty critters under your installations?

Repellents are rarely effective against critters. In addition to having to constantly reapply the product depending on the weather conditions, most animals are insensitive to this type of product. Closing off the hole under your installations with rocks or putting mothballs in the burrow are some other options that do not work in scaring of these animals. We do not advise you to relocate the intruders who roam your property on your own, for both ethical and health reasons.

The extrusion system can be a great way to block the entrace to the burrow. This involves installing a one-way door that will allow the animal to exit on it’s own. However, he will not be able to re-enter his domain, which will cause him to relocate on his own. Obviously, calling in a professional is always a reliable and safe solution.

Prevent effectively 

The key to this problem : Prevention. If you prepare your ground accordling, you will be much less likely to see small animals venturing near your house.

The most effective trick : Put a fence around the base of your shed or patio. It is essential that the wire mesh enters the earth and has an outside return so that the animal is unable to dig and pass under this barrier. The photo below is an example of this type of installation.

It is important to note that you should not lower your structure to the ground if using this method of prevention. This would damage your installations due to ground movement caused by freezing and thawing. Make sure to leave a 6 inch gap between the soil and your structure. Install a screen that will be flexible so as not to cause any damage.

We wish to thank Bédard Gestion Parasitaire et Déprédation inc. For their collaboration!