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Home Decor Trends: What’s Popular This Year?

Like anything else, home decor evolves. And although the biggest shifts are more noticeable over longer periods of time, there are typically new trends that enter the design space each year. To help you stay on top of these trends, we’ve gathered some predictions of what will be popular in people’s homes this year. Let’s take a look at what home decor trends 2021 will embrace!

Colliding Styles  

Just like in 2020, Nordic styles will predominate. Although, 2021 brings the possibility of merging different styles, creating original situations even within the same room. 

Lighter Woods 

Lighter-toned wood will replace medium and darker shades of wood in 2021. This change is probably a result of people’s newfound love of minimalism, which is mostly found in Scandinavian and Japanese decor. 

Oversized Tiles  

Did you know large-format tiles can help to visually expand a small space? In fact, fewer grout lines help to reduce visual clutter. Also, fewer grout lines mean less cleaning for you! 

Grey and Yellow 

As always, Pantone announced its colours of the year. For 2021: PANTONE 17–5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13–0647 Illuminating. Pantone described the chosen yellow and grey as independent but complementary, representing a theme of unity and mutual support.  

Granny Chic Patterns  

Clashing with the Nordic styles this year are the “granny chic patterns”. Yes, the saying what’s old is new again is truer than ever this year. The iconic pattern called chintz is in again and you might have already seen it on your grandparent’s upholstered sofa!

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Room Dividers 

As 2021 arrives, we might move away from open floor plans. We now use our space as not only a home but also an office, a gym, etc. The need for privacy is growing and divided spaces are becoming more popular. Many are now using room dividers to create separate zones inside their home.  


In 2020, indoor plants went up in popularity, and our obsession with all things green and leafy shows no sign of slowing down in 2021. After the year we’ve all had, the psychological benefits of bringing nature inside have never been clearer. Plus, houseplants add some nice colour and texture to your space!